Month: December 2014

How to develop VHDL code for half adder

Course Details Field of Study: Electronics Engineering Course Name: Digital Electronics Description: How to develop VHDL code for half adder with the help of logic diagram, truth table and simulation output using Xilinx software Half adder is a combinational digital circuit with two inputs and two outputs namely sum and carry. Since there are two

Data Encryption Program Using Javascript

Developing Data Encryption Program Using Javascript Encryption is the process of transforming (or encoding) plain text in to cipher text. In this post, we will see how to develop encryption program using javascript. One clear problem using javascript as an encryption program is that since it is a client side scripting language, it is not

Data Decryption Program Using Javascript

Decryption This is a data decryption program using javascript for the data encryption program. Please first click here to see how to encrypt the plain text using javascript. Once you understand and encrypt the plain text there, you can here decipher the cipher text. Please refer the javascript code below for the decryption program. To