Month: October 2015

Top 3 Internet Download Managers

Internet download manager is one of the very important software that we have to install in our device. You can watch movies online in Youtube; however, it is important to download the movie on your local machine and watch it when you are offline. Specially, you need to download documents because you need the documents

Free 3G Mobile Internet for Ethiopia

Updated: This setting helped us to use free 3G Internet in our mobile for more than two weeks. Unfortunately, this setting is not working at this moment. Ethio telecom might change the proxy and once we found a new proxy, we will post an update here. This post explains the settings of MMS (Multimedia Messaging

Ethiopian Web Host

This is an article about review and price comparison chart of Ethiopian web host companies. In Ethiopia, there are only a small number of web hosting companies which are currently available in the market. Also in general, when we compare the price of Ethiopian web host companies with that of the international top web hosting