About Us

About - HameroHa
Hameroha is an Online Social Network Service provider which is operated in Ethiopia. The service is absolutely FREE forever for any registered members throughout the world. Registered members of Hameroha.com are able to connect each other by phone, skype, live chat or by sending private messages to each others. All the features are integrated to members' profile so that members can access these features easily from members' profile.


All of the premium features are provided for free for all registered members. Some of the most importanr features include:
  • Live Skype call directly from members' profile
  • Access members' phone number directly from their profile
  • Send and receive private messages
  • Unlimited number of photo uploads
  • Unlimited number of blog posts
  • Profile views count - The number of times your profile is viewed
  • Photo views count - The number of times each of your photo is viewed
  • Photo rating system
  • Photo commenting
  • Profile commenting
  • Detailed profile view - more than 20 profile fields
  • Advanced serach
  • The ability to send gifts and much more
Note that: we do not ask you any fee for the service. If you are asked to pay any fee at any time, please don't pay any money and please contact us about the issue.

The Hameroha Team.