Amhara Vs. Tigre

Amhara leaders 30 Vs. 2 Tigre leaders!

Starting from 1270 until now, there were about 62 Amhara Emperors who led Ethiopian empire. But in this source only 30 emperors from Amhara people are listed since it doesn’t start from 1270. On the other hand, Tigrayans had only 1 emperor and 1 prime minister, a total of 2 leaders who led Ethiopia during the past 749 years. So, this is the difference, 30 Vs. 2 between Amhara people and Tigray people in terms of Ethiopian leaders. This is the reality!

The 2 Ethiopian leader from Tigray people are:

  1. Meles Zenawi – Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia
  2. Yohannes IV – Emperor of Ethiopia

The list of Ethiopian emperors from Amhara people are:

  1. Haile Selassie, Emperor of the Ethiopian Empire,
  2. Menelik II, Emperor of the Ethiopian Empire
  3. Tewodros II, Emperor of the Ethiopian Empire
  4. Yekuno Amlak, founder of solomonic dynasty
  5. Dawit I, Emperor
  6. Yagbe’u Seyon, Emperor
  7. Wedem Arad, Emperor
  8. Amda Seyon I, Emperor
  9. Newaya Krestos, Emperor
  10. Newaya Maryam, Emperor
  11. Tewodros I, Emperor
  12. Yeshaq I, Emperor
  13. Andreyas, Emperor
  14. Takla Maryam, Emperor
  15. Sarwe Iyasus, Emperor
  16. Amda Iyasus, Emperor
  17. Zara Yaqob, Emperor
  18. Baeda Maryam I, Emperor
  19. Eskender, Emperor
  20. Amda Seyon II,Emperor
  21. Na’od, Emperor
  22. Dawit II, Emperor
  23. Gelawdewos, Emperor
  24. Menas of Ethiopia, Emperor
  25. Sarsa Dengel, Emperor
  26. Yaqob, Emperor
  27. Susenyos I, Emperor
  28. Fasilides, Emperor
  29. Yohannes I, Emperor
  30. Iyasu I, Emperor

You can read the original source below for both people. If you don’t believe this reality on the source below, you can refer to other sources. Each Wikipedia sources contain 75 and 62 references at the end of each page. So, you can open each reference and check the reality. The list of emperors for both people is also available on the Wikipedia source below under “Notable Amharas” and “Notable Tigrayans” in each source.

Wikipedia Source for Amhara People

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Wikipedia Source for Tigray People

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