Author: Hameroha

Amhara Vs. Tigre

Amhara leaders 30 Vs. 2 Tigre leaders! Starting from 1270 until now, there were about 62 Amhara Emperors who led Ethiopian empire. But in this source only 30 emperors from Amhara people are listed since it doesn’t start from 1270. On the other hand, Tigrayans had only 1 emperor and 1 prime minister, a total

Ethiopian Merry Christmas Postcards 2011

You can send Ethiopian Merry Christmas Postcards to your friends or families in Facebook or any other social media. This is a free service to Ethiopian merry Christmas postcards 2011 E.C. To send the postcard to your friends or families on Facebook or other social network, hover the mouth on the postcard that you want