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Do you support PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed

Share This Topic:8    8SharesBased on the current political situation of Ethiopia, do you support PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed? Because Dr. Abiy Ahmed is the current prime minister of Ethiopia he is responsible for the current political situation in Ethiopia. So, based on his ability to lead Ethiopia which satisfies the interest of most Ethiopian people, you

Vote for Ethiopian Leaders

Share This Topic:8    8SharesWho is your best Ethiopian leader? Vote your best Ethiopian leader! Show your support to whom you are appreciating for his leadership and hard work on Ethiopian unity. You can also give your additional comment below the vote. How to vote: Click on the name of the leader that you want to vote.

Vote for Ethiopian Emperors

Share This Topic:2    2SharesPurpose: Purpose of “vote for Ethiopian emperors” is to give credit for those emperors who did their best. All Ethiopian emperors worked hard specially for Ethiopian unity ind independence. We have to compare according to their hard work for their country.

Ethiopian Flag Survey for Amendment of Constitution

Share This Topic:99    99SharesPurpose: The purpose of this survey is to know how many people support for which type of Ethiopian flag (with star or without star) and can be used as an input for the next amendment of the constitution regarding the flag. Background: As it is known, currently, there are many disagreements regarding Ethiopian