Ethiopian Flag Survey for Amendment of Constitution

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The purpose of this survey is to know how many people support for which type of Ethiopian flag (with star or without star) and can be used as an input for the next amendment of the constitution regarding the flag.
As it is known, currently, there are many disagreements regarding Ethiopian flag. Some of the people support the flag with star while others support without star. So, it is recommended to make a survey about people’s interest and choice of Ethiopian flag before amendment.
Please make a vote of your own choice of Ethiopian flag to help the next amendment.
Please note that your Vote has a value to decide Ethiopian flag in the next amendment!

Coming Soon
7 ( 70 % )
3 ( 30 % )

How to vote:

  • Click on the name of the flag next to the flag that you want to vote.
  • Click on the “Results” below the flags to see the total results.
  • Click on the “Back” button to return back and vote your choice.
Ethiopian Flag Survey for Amendment of Constitution

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