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This is an article about review and price comparison chart of Ethiopian web host companies. In Ethiopia, there are only a small number of web hosting companies which are currently available in the market. Also in general, when we compare the price of Ethiopian web host companies with that of the international top web hosting companies, it is by far expensive. Below is the price comparison chart for some Ethiopian web host companies.

Companies Disc Space Bandwidth Free Domain Price/Year
Technobros 5 GB 50 GB Yes 72 USD
10 GB 100 GB Yes 96 USD
25 GB 250 GB Yes 144 USD
Realwebhosting 500 MB 2 GB No 690 ETB
1 GB 4 GB No 920 ETB
2 GB 8 GB No 1897.50 ETB
Hosthabesha 1 GB 5 GB Yes 1150 ETB
2 GB 10 GB Yes 1600 ETB
4 GB 15 GB Yes 2400 ETB
Tekezehosting 2 GB 20 GB Yes 2057 ETB
5 GB 50 GB Yes 3057 ETB
Unlimited Unlimited Yes 8057 ETB
Ethiopiawebdesign 5 GB 500 GB No 1000 ETB
10 GB 1000 GB No 2000 ETB
20 2000 No 3300 ETB

Note: This information may be changed from time to time and you can find the current updated data and more details from their website using the link shown in the “companies” column.

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