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Those of you who read the original blog may remember a unique dungeon that was pitched for the Hosidius House. The design is still a work in progress and can be expected to be revisted at a later date. In the meantime, it has been removed from this poll blog and won’t be polled until we are more confident in committing to this piece of content. Besides, you can also grasp our RS3gold big event during this event, you can Fight against Hosidius Dungeon &Snap up RS3gold 900M cheap rs gold for free.

The Detail of The Forthos Ruin

The Forthos Ruin is a relic of old Kourend, a stronghold that was utilised during the war of the five houses. After King Kharedst I rebuilt the kingdom, he demanded all strongholds be abandoned and a single castle would be built on the fields of war where the main battle took place. Before the war, Hosidius House was built around a Saltpetre deposit – this invaluable resource is what made Hosidius House the powerhouse of farming trade that it still is today. However, the old town is now occupied by a small company that operate the Saltpetre distribution to all of Kourend.

Due to the moving of the bank, you’d imagine this may make collecting saltpetre a hassle, but worry not! The saltpeter deposits have been moved closer together and a deposite box has been added in the centre of them. The clerk who accepts saltpetre donations has also been moved here.

The shortcut has been moved farther north and the shortcuts old location now houses a bridge. This improves the flow of the area and puts the spirit tree almost as close to the farming patch as the house portal.

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