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After the feedback of rs players ,OSRS updates bring us some new things, you will be told that some Graphical Changes and detail of Golden Tench OSRS on the below information. but you may also need rs gold during gaming, RS3gold can be your best site to buy rs gold with $10 off.

Graphical Changes

1. Brimstone Boots: The Brimstone Boots have been updated to look more like boots!
2. Ferocious Gloves: The Ferocious Gloves now cover the players’ hands and the inventory model has been updated to show this.
3. Seed Boxes: The graphic for seed boxes given with contracts in the Farming Guild has been updated.

The below are some details about Golden Tench OSRS:

The Golden tench is a rare equippable minnow released in January 2019. It can be obtained from aerial fishing as a cosmetic reward, when fishing with the Cormorant at Lake Molch.

You are able to “whack” others after equipping the Golden Tench OSRS. It is one of the fun weapons with no further in-game use. As the Golden Tench is not the normal fish, it can’t be

The below are some new changes on Golden Tench OSRS:

1.The negative stats that all fun weapons usually have were added to the Golden tench to ensure safe slapping all around.

2.It can be stored in a magic wardrobe within a player-owned house Costume Room.

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