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Rs players it will be great news that you could search Bubbling Lamps, and at the same time you can also learn about guides to defeat Infernal Mages OSRS.After that you will gain a lot rewards OSRS Infernal Mage. what is important is that you should not forget the Good news to get RS3gold 3500M 60% off runescape gold free & learn Bubbling Lamps.
Bubbling Lamps

It’s time to take a huge gulp of air, hold your breath and take the plunge as Treasure Hunter braves the depths in search of Bubbling Lamps.

Both bonus XP and direct XP hunters should head over to Treasure Hunter from February 14th (00:00) to February 18th (23:59). You’ll be presented with three (as opposed to the usual five) chests and have the chance to get your hands on Gilded Chests, which guarantee a 4x multiplier.

As the name suggests, Bubbling Lamps are among the many sunken treasures contained within. They allow you to choose the type of XP you receive (bonus or direct).

Strategies to defeat Infernal Mages OSRS

When fighting against Infernal Mages, they use a weaker version of the spell Fire Blast. It is recommended to wear the dragonhide or magic armour in order to reduce their chance to hit. You can also wear the Void Knight armour if you own it, as its high magic defence is useful.
If you are player with low levels, you can choose the Protect from Magic prayer for its resistance to most magic attacks. It is also recommended to minimise the damage output by Prayer flicking.

Rewards gained from OSRS Infernal Mage

After defeating Infernal Mages you have the chance to obtain some runes and the following weapons or armour:
Staff (common)
Staff of fire (uncommon)
Mystic hat (rare)
Mystic boots (rare)
Lava battlestaff (very rare)

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