How to use 2G/3G Mobile Network for FREE in Ethiopia

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Updated: This setting helped us to use free 3G Internet in our mobile for more than two weeks. Unfortunately, this setting is not working at this moment. Ethio telecom might change the proxy and once we found a new proxy, we will post an update here.

How to use 2G/3G Mobile Network for FREE in Ethiopia?
This is not a jock! Yes, you can use 2G/3G mobile network for FREE in Ethiopia without paying any cents. Using the setting listed below, you can use 2G or 3G in your smart phone anywhere anytime for free.

Here are the steps to configure in your smart phone:
Step 1:
Open “Settings” in your mobile phone and click on “More” as shown in the image below. If the link for “Mobile networks” is available in your mobile, just open “Mobile networks” & skip step 2 (for some mobiles).

Step 2:
Open “Mobile networks” as shown in the image below.

Step 3:
Open “Access Point Names” as shown in the image below.

Step 4:
Click on “+” icon to create a new access point name as shown in the image below.

Step 5:
Fill all the parameters as shown below:
Name: mms
APN: et.mms
APN type: default
Port: 9028
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
Server: Not set
MMS Proxy: Not set
MMS Port: Not set
MCC: 636
MNC: 01
Authentication type: Not set
APN Protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
APN enable/disable: APN enable
Bearer: unspecified
MVNO type: None
MVNO value: Not set

Save the above setting and select the new access point as shown in the image below.

Enjoy your life with the FREE 2G or 3G network!

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  1. Tried it but it doesn’t work

    1. What’s your smart phone?
      Sometimes it depends on the type of phone and you need to change on some steps.
      Currently, it is working on samsung, intex and Huawei mobiles.

  2. Enter your comment here…best

  3. I tried in HUAWEI G630-U10 but did not work meaning the connection disappeared. so how can i configure please help me.

    1. Have you done all the steps (step 1 – step 5) correctly as shown in the image? By the way, the images on the post are not taken from HUAWEI mobile. i.e the steps may slightly differ from mobile device to device. But I am sure that it is working on HUAWEI mobiles (not sure about the model). If you have done all the steps correctly and not working, you may probably disabled the data connection on your mobile. If so please try to enable 3G on the data connection.

  4. the free mobile net work that you written to us does not work.why you post such useless information.

  5. I am using 3G network in my HUAWEI but it did not working. Yes as you said the setting is slightly different but i have correctly insert all the inputs you have provided. i am using “” in APN but you are telling me to insert “et,mms” , so i do have two APN , when i shift it to “et.mms” the data connection immediately stopped. my phone is android version 4.3. please if you are sure and you are using such method please give me your address of inbox me in my Facebook address and i will call you> But if you are Joking stop such annoying action.

    1. All you did is correct. i.e you have two APNs ( and et.mms) as shown in the last image of this post.
      Now, look at the last image carefully. “et.mms” is selected and at the same time data connection for 3G is ON (see the top side of the last image in this post). This is a proof to show that 3G is working for “et.mms”.
      So, the only thing you have to do is just select “et.mms” and wait some time (it may take even 30 minutes or more for HUAWEI phones) but it will work 100% sure.
      Please notify me whether this is working for you or not below this comment, which helps other to know the truth.

  6. የኔ ስልክ huawei new . etc.mmsየሚለውም መቶአል ግን connection የለውም፡ but ትጋትህን ግን አደንቃለው

    1. After selecting et.mms, wait for some time so that the connection will be ON. Data connection for Huawei phones may not connect automatically as soon as et.mms is selected.

      1. የኔ ስልክ Samsung ነው። ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ ሰርቶልኝ ነበር ፤ ስልኬን Restart ሳደርገው ግን ጠፋ። ችግሩ ምንድን ነው ?

        1. Check all the settings and if they are correct, please wait for some time. It will connect and work.

  7. I try to follow all steps but not open only say waiting for network I think it is not functioned!!!

  8. I admire you for your work. I have done everything as you have advised above. I can see the H+ on my phone but no internet connection. My phone is Samsung galaxy s5.

    I think ETC might blocked it. I think you need to a new proxy.

  9. Yene silk samsung s4 new. 3G yemilew yimetal gin metekem sifelgi ayseram browse mareg alchalkum we sikeyirew demo yisera mindinew chigru?

  10. Sewoch ads proxy tegentual we will post it few hours later

  11. Hello Sewoch
    Arif Zena
    I appreciate Hameroha Admins they post useful posts however the info in this post got blocked by ETC so we’re here to help people’s with this little trick.
    From now on it doesn’t matter if ETC changes proxy 10000000 times all we android users have to do is install either DROID Vpn or FEAT Vpn this programs help us with tricking etc servers with foreign ISP+ Unusual proxies so there is no chance that Etc can block Websites 🙂

    1st¤ install one of the apps
    2nd¤ choose the default apn then connect to Internet however you should have a balance this time
    3rd¤ after Internet is connected open one of the apps and the apps will connect with foreign servers
    4th¤ once connected with foreign server switch from to etc.mms access point
    5th¤ congratulations you shall now view websites 100% free with this trick

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