Live Score Using Mobile Phone Application

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How to download and use Live Score Using Mobile Phone Application?Live Score Using Mobile Phone Application
Using Livescore mobile android app you can easily see the score of England premier league and other football games. Most of the time, there are a number of games at the same time. So, you need select only one game to see live football using DSTV. But you want to see other games score at the same time. In this, using livescore app on your mobile is the best solution. Because Livescore mobile app helps to see all game results live while watching one game using DSTV.

How to download LiveScore android app

  1. You can directly download the app here.
  2. You can also download from Google Play Store by searching “livescore”.

How to install and use the app

If you download using the first method above, you can install the app by browsing the app in your apps storage. If you download using method two, google play will automatically install the app.

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