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Do you have a limited data plan?
Do you want to save your data in your mobile or tablet?
This post is for you!

In short, the reason for high consumption of data in your mobile is the apps installed in your android mobile or tablet access internet in the background without your intention.
Let’s explain with example: Let’s say you are using Facebook app in your android mobile/tablet. so, you expect that your data consumption is only due to Facebook app because you are only using Facebook app. But since all other apps in your device consume data in the background, your data consumption is not only for the app that you using but also for those apps who are running on the background without your intention.

The solution for this is to limit or block apps from consuming data in the background. Thanks for Google! Google developed an android mobile application that can block apps who consume data in the background. So, download and install this app in your android mobile or tablet device. After installation, Please open the app and make sure that Data Saver is on as shown in the figure below. Datally Apps Setting

App Details:

App Name: Datally
App Size: 5.0 MB
App Version: 1.8
Download Link: Download Now
If you have any questions, please write in the comment below and I will reply soon.

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