MOSFET Current Source

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Field of Study: Electronics Engineering
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Subtitle: MOSFET Current Source

MOSFET current sources are needed to bias MOSFET transistors.
There are two different environments in which MOSFET amplifiers are found: discrete circuits and integrated circuits (ICs)
The method of biasing transistor amplifiers are different in these two environments.

Biasing Discrete MOSFET Amplifier

Biasing IC MOSFET Amplifiers
For MOSFET amplifier biasing in ICs, DC current sources are usually used.
The constant current source, IREF can be produced at one point.
Then current mirroring circuits are used to replicate this current (IREF) to provide DC biasing currents at different points in the IC.
The basic MOSFET current mirror will be discussed in the next post.

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