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RS team brings us some information about the Rewards and Extras of Song of the Elves, and at the same time here comes to the Sandstone to Sand. if you want to learn much more about this details, you can come to RS3gold and snap up cheap rs gold with up to $10 cash coupon til Mar21.

Song of the Elves: Rewards and Extras

Following the main content passing the polls, now’s our chance to go in depth with the smaller rewards and features you would like to see in Prifddinas. Once we’ve gathered your ideas and put together our own, a second poll blog will be posted with the top suggestions for minor content in the Crystal City. If you would like to get involved and potentially have your ideas made reality in Old School, get involved in the discussion on Reddit, Twitter, and the Official Forums.

You may remember that we decided not to poll Crystal armour in the first poll as you weren’t happy with the final design (in terms of stats and set effect) and neither were we. To make sure we get it right, we’re also holding a separate discussion on separate threads on Reddit, Twitter and the Official Forums.

Sandstone to Sand

Drew and his Sandstone Grinder have been added to the West of the Granite Quarry. Drew can store up to 25,000 noted buckets. Players may take unnoted Sandstone to the grinder to generate up to 25,000 sand charges. Each size of sandstone brick from 10KG down to 1KG used to charge the grinder will provide 8/4/2/1 sand charges. Players can then claim noted buckets of sand from Drew at a cost of 50 GP, 1 sand charge and 1 stored bucket.

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