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Greetings! We’ve got a fair few nips and tucks to discuss this week, including improvements to spell book swapping, and a much-requested change to transmogrification. But before we get onto that, news of a slight delay.so learn Spellbook Swap & Fixes&Grab chance get RS3gold runescape 3 gold for sale with $10 voucher.
Firemaking Update Delayed

We want to bring you only the best updates, and unfortunately that sometimes means taking a little more time to get everything working properly. The Firemaking update that was due to be released this week has been delayed slightly, and will now be released alongside the PvM revitalisation next week.
Spellbook Swap

We’ve also made changes to spellbook swapping. New spells have been added to both the Ancient and Lunar spellbooks that facilitate direct swapping to a different spellbook. The new spells have new icons to differentiate them from the existing spellbook swap spell. You will still need the required amount of runes to swap spellbooks.

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