Top 3 Internet Download Managers

Internet download manager is one of the very important software that we have to install in our device. You can watch movies online in Youtube; however, it is important to download the movie on your local machine and watch it when you are offline. Specially, you need to download documents because you need the documents to read when you are not connected to the internet.
This is a review for top 3 Internet Download Managers in 2015. This review covers for the following 3 top Internet download managers and how to use them in step by step explanation.

  1. IDM (Internet Download Manager)
  2. YTD (Youtube Downloader)
  3. Baidu Downloader

1. IDM (Internet Download Manager)
IDM is still the best Internet download manager. It is very fast to download software, videos, audios, images, documents like pdf, ppt, MS word and others. Also it is easy to integrate with different browsers so that you can easily download from any browser you have. The only limitation of IDM is its free trail will be expired after 30 days and you need to buy the licence.

How to download IDM
You can download IDM from their official website here.
You can also download from Softonic.

How to use IDM
After downloading and installing the IDM in your device, the first thing you have to check is whether it is integrated with the browsers. To do this, follow these three easy steps.
1. Open IDM from desktop (double click on the IDM icon)
2. Click on “Options
3. Check boxes below “Capture downloads from the following browsers:” that you want to integrate with them and click on “OK“.
To download any video or any other media, just open any browser that is integrated with IDM, then the download link will appear automatically if there is a downloadable media or software so that you can download it easily. See the image below.

2. YTD (Youtube Downloader)
YTD is another Internet download manager that enables you to download videos from Youtube. As the name indicates, it is used to download only videos from Youtube. You can’t download other medias like pdf, ppt and so on using YTD. This is the limitation when compared to IDM. On the other hand, it has a free version, that IDM does not provide except the free trial version. So, you can use YTD if you are only interested to download videos from Youtube.

How to download YTD
You can download IDM from their official website here.
You can also download from Softonic.

How to use YTD
Just download and install YTD using the above link. Once the software is installed in your device, follow ths following easy steps to download the video.
1. open YTD from desktop.
2. Open the video that you want to download from Youtube and copy the video url as shown in the image below:
3. Paste the link on YTD and click on “Download” as shown in the image below:
Then the progress, speed and status of the video will seen on the “Activity” tab.

3. Baidu Downloader
This is not actually a downloader and it is an Internet browser with downloader. Baidu is a new Internet browser and it has its own downloader on it. It is fast enough to browse web pages and even download videos from youtube, facebook or yahoo videos.

How to download Baidu Browser
You can download Baidu Browser from their official website here.
You can also download from Softonic.

How to use Baidu browser
After downloading and installing baidu browser just follow the following easy steps to download videos using baidu browser.
1. Open Baidu browser from desktop.
2. Open videos that you want to download from youtube or other websites.
3. Click on download icon on Baidu browser and download the video as shown in the image below:
Then you will get the downloaded videos by clicking on baidu3 icon on the right top side of the browser.

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